Introducing our Software

Introducing the Market Leading Electronic Note-taking Software

The Stereotype electronic note-taking system has been designed to provide real-time access for a hearing impaired person to a spoken event such as a lecture, training session or meeting.

The systems works by having an 'electronic note-taker' (an operator) typing text into a notebook or desktop computer running Stereotype Sender software. This text is sent in real-time to another notebook, desktop or PDA computer, running Stereotype Receiver software, that the deaf or hearing impaired person reads. The two computers can be connected by wired or wireless networking technologies to enables the text to be transferred between them.

The original Stereotype system was developed in 2000 with the aim of providing access in higher education for students who did not use sign language but nonetheless required instant access to university lectures and seminars in English, enabling them to contribute with confidence in sessions with their hearing peers. Since then, the software has been carefully refined and enhanced, taking into account advances in technology and customer feedback.

A Stereotype Sender, using wireless technology, can send text to more than one Stereotype Receiver. This enables one operator to be used to relay text to multiple recipients, which helps reduce the number of operators required.

The Sender software provides the following features:

The Version 3 Receiver features include:

The Stereotype Receiver software provides the opportunity for the Receiver to add their own notes during the session (without interrupting the flow of information from the sender) using the split screen - this empowers the Receiver to take an active and independent role in the proceedings if desired. The resulting text can be saved and subsequently imported into any popular word processing or email package.

Stereotype Receiver PDA Version

To compliment our range of notebook and desktop based versions of Stereotype Receiver software, we have developed a PDA version. This works with MS Windows Pocket PC based hand-helds and PDAs. This version has been specially designed for use with this smaller technology, and may suit some customers more appropriately than its full-sized counterpart.

Free Technical Support and Help

Stereotype Ltd is commited to supporting access for deaf and hearing impaired people. To this end we offer free technical support for both software and hardware relating to our electronic note-taking system.

On purchasing the software, you should register with us. Should you then have difficulties installing our software, or have problems with its operation, Stereotype Ltd will try to address them as soon as possible by email or telephone. If it is not possible to resolve this by email or by telephone, we can visit your premises (or a suitable agreed location) to see the system in action on your equipment in your environment.

PLEASE NOTE: Stereotype cannot offer technical support that is not related to our products. We does not charge for our expertise or for time spent diagnosing or solving problems of a technical nature. We do charge reasonable travel and accommodation expenses incurred, if we are unable to achieve a solution by email or telephone and IF the problem is one unrelated to Stereotype products.


Feedback from hearing-impaired customers has shown that successful applications have been made for funding in Higher Education, from Disabled Students Allowance to purchase the Stereotype Electronic Note-taking Software. The Allowance has provided for purchase of the software itself from the Equipment Allowance and for the provision of electronic note-takers from the Non-medical Helpers Allowance.

Business users have also been able to purchase the Stereotype system through the Access to Work Scheme.

Free Demonstrations

If you wish to see the Stereotype Electronic Note-taking system in action, we will be happy to arrange a visit to your premises (mainland UK only) to demonstrate it to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take advantage of this opportunity on 01298 871100 or


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